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We have all the resources to give your products a compatible and convenient solution. We also promise you quality and efficiency,

we ensure quality deliverance and save of time.

so we make sure that there won’t be any inconvenience or fault from our side. We have the best personnel and machineries. From fork lifters to delivery men, we ensure quality deliverance and save of time.

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Lil Boy Bluealso promise value-addition as we deliver with quality and efficiency. More value means we will deliver on time and can help you in areas that you have difficulty in. We can deliver at all location around the world, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the consignment. The ease and convenience are cherry on the top as online checks and measures are there for you.


Don’t worry about how we deliver, we may don’t own the ships, planes and vessels. But we give you the best solution, we have integrated engineered processing solutions that give you best quality services. We outsource this part and therefore it will make our process smoother and more efficient. The delivery fleet is operated and managed by latest technological solutions and the 24/7 service won’t stop no matter what happen.

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How To Reduce The Need For Truck Repair

Trucks provide the utility of carrying heavy objects and material. Some are needed for long routes, some for short and some for uneven roads and tracks. This heavy duty entails that a truck’s parts are bound to deplete. Repair and changes are inevitable but you can always take a few measures to make sure that the parts remain functional till they are meant to. Here is how you can reduce the need for truck service brisbane.

Routine checks

Maintenance is the most vital. Every time you are about to set out on your truck you should carry out a few necessary checks. Your truck’s fuel vent is a sensitive component which can get clogged with dirt and composite, especially if you have driven in a polluted area or your truck has been standing idle for long. Check your brakes for any signs of tear. To keep your truck running strong the key is the temperature. Check the radiator for leaks and add fluids when needed to ensure that the temperature remains controlled. Keep checking the coolant to avoid overheating of the truck. The most important point here is to never overburden your truck. If you do so, know that problems are halfway. Following these checks in a routine will help keep your truck in good shape and extend the need for repair.

Timely changes and repairs

Keep checking the oil and change it if need be. However, it is advised to get oil filters replaced when the oil is changed. When the fixed time for replacement of any part arrives, do not delay the work. For instance, coolant requires to be replaced every two years. Keep greasing the moving parts for this helps in reducing the need for truck repair to a great extent.

Signs to look out for

One way you can avoid extensive damage and repairing is by looking out for signs. Know and understand your truck. Squealing and odd sounds, a heated engine, dysfunctional power steering and AC or a complete breakdown, all indicate issues with the serpentine belt. If you encounter any of these check the belt for further diagnosis. If your truck is out of control specifically while turning and stopping then rush your attention towards suspension. Further, if you look at your tires and notice any balding spots and uneven wearing down then again, consider checking the suspension. Keep a lookout for greasy and oily shocks below your truck. If you sense vibrations and reduced performance of the engine then check the fuel and air filter. Delaying all these signs will end you up with a broken down truck.

Safe driving

When you are on the road you should be gentle, alert and focused to avoid accidents and damage. If you start losing attention, slow down or take a break. Be very cautious while reversing, parking and turning. While driving, try sticking to a single lane. Every time you make a stop, check your tires before hitting the road again.

Logistic Outsourcing: essential strategies

a new company or a company that has existed for decades, if your business includes the shipment of products, it is essential to have a logistics system that can handle these products safely and efficiently from the point A to the point.

this type of activity is not always the easiest task to accomplish. The logistics involves different people from different departments and sectors, and may also include knowledge of the systems during the delivery process.

What is a logistics strategy?
A logistics strategy is the means to find the most efficient way to distribute goods and maintain a high level of service.

Why implement a logistics strategy?
A logistics strategy , on a general level, provides a basis for the constantly changing nature of the supply chain. Companies are more prepared to be flexible and adapt to changes with a logistics strategy in place. Not having one in place means that companies will not be ready to assess the impact that any change in the supply chain has on its operations. This negligence can have a significant impact on customer service.

Automate everything possible
We have already mentioned how the logistic process can be developed with more platforms and more sectors involved. With these quantities of variables, the possibility of human error is inevitable, at some point. Companies that perform the best job of logistics management recognize this reality and continuously invest in automation. This also applies to small businesses. There are many tools available at low cost that can help automate many of the processes involved in your logistics strategy.

Keep everything close at hand
This is a suggestion addressed to all companies. The space is not infinite and you will have to move things frequently and sometimes completely change position. Keeping things close at hand means fewer problems and more efficiency with fewer operation interruptions.

3 tips for effective logistics management

A business management efficiency is the key to any successful business. Especially for what concerns logistics services . There are several factors on which optimal logistics management depends . Such as automation and perfect coordination of resources. But even in difficult times, there is always the possibility of improvising the process. When your business is growing, you need to find ways to optimize logistics planning processes to improve production . That’s why we want to suggest 6 tips for effective logistics management that can lead you to launch or re-launch your business.

The first step to accomplish any task is to plan it. Planning, in the case of logistics , includes various tasks. Essentially, it is about getting the goods, managing storage facilities, and delivering the products in the exact location.

In addition to these, the other parameters are: time, transport and costs . A supply chain operator should be able to process the flowchart for the entire operation.

Proper planning is wise, but an experienced manager will be able to prepare himself for unforeseen circumstances. These situations can be related to products, unavailability of transport or any internal problem in the organization.
For this reason, the logistics planning process is incomplete without an emergency plan .

In the age of automation, technology plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of an organization. Automation plays a fundamental role in optimizing business processes.
It is therefore possible and recommended to use software to implement the logistic process . For example, it is possible to integrate business process software that provides timely updates on the movement of goods.

Furthermore, accurate tracking helps improve overall process management. In the same way, employee data can also be managed using specific software.


Whether it’s the delivery man or the warehouse manager, everyone should be perfect in their respective field of work.

For this, it is necessary to invest in adequate employee training . Regular training courses keep employees up to date with the latest trends in the logistics industry . This helps increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At the same time, the logistics manager should develop impeccable skills. There will be times when things will not work and you will need a reliable person who can solve problems with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the manager should have authoritative contacts in the sector.

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